Innovative weighing technology delivers improved service for Weir Waste customers

26th April 2016

With the requirement of bin-weighing becoming an increasingly important part of our customer needs, Weir Waste Services has invested in a fully compliant weights and measures approved, certified bin-weighing system provided by MOBA. This technology has had a fundamental effect on the service delivered.  Not only can it now provide customers with a greater level of detail about the amount of waste being collected, it also has enabled the behaviour of each customer to be reviewed and helped identify those that are regularly overfilling their bins or using bins that are not needed.  Rajesh Brigue, I&C Commercial Manager states “many customers are often unaware of the volume of waste actually put into their bins so when they are presented with the data they are sometimes shocked to learn that what they dispose of is far greater than they thought. Accurate weighing data allows us to collaborate with our customers to better meet their waste management needs, for example segregating glass or food which can lead to a price reduction and increased recycling.”

The MOBA technology also enables Weir Waste to offer its clients various methods of payment, including pay by weight or maximum weight limit fixed charges. Initial customer feedback from the early adopters of the service has shown a clear incentive to reduce the amount of waste they produce, with one customer describing the positive impact of the new technology, with “the more they know, the less they throw… and the less they pay”.

For further information or to get a free consultation on your waste needs this year, please contact Rajesh Brigue,

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